It’s never ‘all gone’

It’s so extraordinary how friends just drift apart.  People with whom you once used to spend countless hours everyday, now barely qualify for a 5-minute conversation a month.  It’s equally astonishing though how every time you can just start from where you left off.

He spoke to one such dear friend after a long time.  She enquired when he was getting married.  She didn’t know that he had lost what he never quite had.  She felt bad, not for his loss, but because she got to know so late!  For a long time, she was the first person with whom he’d share what was happening in his life.

“Well,” she continued, “how are you doing now?”

“I’m cool,” he said with a nervous tranquility. “It’s been more than an year now; it’s all gone,” he added.

“Let me tell you something,” she started with such authority that only she could practice with him, “it never dies; it can only be suppressed and then hid in a secret place where it must remain.  Stop fooling yourself by thinking that it’s ‘all gone.’  Otherwise, it’ll rear its head with vengeance.  Always be on guard that those who come after don’t suffer for the hurt from the one who came before.”

He should’ve spoken to her earlier, he felt.

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