She: Happy Birthday!

He: Thanks, I guess!

She: It’s a little weird, huh?

He: Hmmm…not weird but unexpected. You haven’t been wishing me for the last two years!

She: Hmmm…I want to tell you something. For the last few days, I’ve been having a very bad intuition. I feel you are sad and disturbed. Are you?

He: Oh…this is awkward! I’m fine. Disturbed is not a word I would ever use for my emotional state. I am mentally quite strong and you know that. But do I get sad sometimes? Yes absolutely; like anyone else. Are there moments when I feel helpless, and want to hug you and cry out loud? Yes, but probably only because I have never allowed anyone but you to see me so vulnerable. I realize though that it can’t happen now. So I cope with it differently and move on. Like I always told you, ‘beware of pity.’


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