They proceeded to walk toward the boarding gate from the check-in counter.  She was feeling a little weird about the long gazes of people around.  He sensed. 

“You know why these people are staring at ‘us.’  They are probably wondering, ‘what did he put in her drink?’”

She laughed heartily.  Self deprecating humour is the best way to break-ice. 

And then they talked.  For hours at end.  Using all the available flight seconds from Delhi to Moscow.  They talked about work, past relationships, family, culture, religion, fellow passengers, and more.  Upon learning that he doesn’t smoke, drink, or have non-veg, she cheekily asked if he were gay too; and then quickly proceeded to mention how he doesn’t need to answer that as it ‘now’ doesn’t matter!  They laughed.

She was a wonderful conversationalist.  Like every good one, she had a wealth of experience to draw upon.  He was one too; he hoped.

They entered each other’s world by discussing things that were meaningful to them, and sharing genuine feelings. And then there was this moment, when he realized something deep and buried in him is deep and buried in her too.  It felt like meeting a stranger that he had known his whole life.

Their flight had landed in Moscow now.  She would catch her connecting flight to her country, Lithuania, and he would begin his Russian expedition.  It was time to say goodbye.  They hugged.  They looked at each other and knew that it won’t be a final goodbye.


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