He just sat and stared…

They were going through a tough phase. They’d broken-up twice, made-up, and decided to give each other time and space to reconnect later. However, as it always is, it was easier said than done.

She came and sat in his cabin. May be it was her last-ditch effort. He couldn’t be sure. He stared at her, without really seeing, as all the memories flooded back to him. He had just been brutally hurt by her words two days ago; just when he was about to surrender to her, telling her how much she meant to him over and over and over again. He just wanted her to say – ‘it’s going to be okay; I love you; and we’ll get through it.’ But may be not now. May be never.

Their love definitely ‘seemed’ one-sided to her. She knew way more about him than he knew about her. It seemed to her that he had an emotional hole he could never fill and he clung to anyone who might help him fill it. As a result he could often be almost uncomfortably candid with complete strangers but comfortably withdrawn among friends. He would talk about wanting friends who liked him for who he was and not for his connections or influence or money. But it was always about him. That unnerved her. She felt hopeless and alone, playing and replaying choices she wished she had made differently.


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