Growing old, together!

He had almost lost her. They were meeting after a bad phase. He was scared. He couldn’t take his eyes of her. He beheld her as she was speaking, but didn’t hear much. As he continued to look, he wondered how would she look when she’d grow old. Would her skin still be so soft? Would her eyes still be so big and lovely? Would her smile still be so wide and beautiful? Although the answer to all the questions is YES, he would be biased.

Imagining, and being comfortable with the idea of accepting, the person you are in love with as old is immensely liberating. It tells you that you are probably not only for her beauty, her charm, or her personality. It tells you that your love for her goes beyond just the physical attraction. May be you like the way she smiles, or the way she moves her eyes, or the way she talks, or may be it is just that her thoughts keep you in good stead. Whatever it is, being sure about living with the ‘older’ her is a sure way to know that you are in for a long haul; that you are committed. He was. Was she? He couldn’t be sure.


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