Getting lost; Finding yourself

It was the last month of his MBA program in the US. He was going back to India after its completion. One week before graduation ceremony. Could he pack-in one more travel?  After his experience of traveling alone in Rio, he wanted to make one more such journey. It was an extended weekend. He packed a few clothes, a book, and left for Cancun. This time too, he traveled alone.

Despite aching bones, sore throat, and numb limbs, he was glad he made the trip.  From picturesque beaches to magnificent archaeological structures to amazing nightlife, Cancun can charm anyone. Not many cities can boast of the richness of Mayan culture, and yet be the Western Hemisphere’s favored party city.

He loved traveling alone to places where he had little-to-no knowledge of the local language and culture.  The discomfort of figuring things out, the feeling of powerlessness breeds curiosity and confidence.  It is immensely liberating to find one’s way somehow, to trust complete strangers. It teaches one something about life; something deeply profound.  It teaches ‘wanting what you have.’

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