Forgive Yourself!

She messaged a few months after they split. She was getting married. She apologized, as she knew how this news ‘must’ make him feel. He told her that it was never her fault so no apology was ever required. As such, the question of forgiveness doesn’t arise. Even if it did, he had already forgiven.

You can’t seek forgiveness from anyone but yourself. You don’t have the right to forgive anyone but yourself. And forgive you must. At the earliest. Otherwise, the memory becomes like an infected wound that festers over time. Nothing can be more futile than resisting something that has already happened and is already over. Either by choosing not to forgive or by not cultivating the ability to forgive, you keep yourself rooted in the past by refusing to let it go. To forgive means that you have accepted what has happened and it is time to move forward. This was his belief system. He had forgiven himself. For thinking he was rejected. He hoped she forgave herself too. For thinking that she wasn’t strong enough to persevere or that she may have cheated both of them. He hoped…


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