Foguete (Musical Instruments) 1/2

After meeting with Carolina for 1.5 hours to understand her business and offer perspectives for improvement, Paulo and I proceeded for lunch.  Over lunch, I asked Paulo why the incubator doesn’t support entrepreneurs such as Carolina with funds to expand their business.  Paulo remarked something really important – “Money is not the solution to their problems.  In fact, more money is not the solution to any problem.”  He pointed out how disorganized Carolina still is, despite getting all kinds of training and knowledge support from the incubator.  He also mentioned that they like to see entrepreneurs struggle a little and find their own way to grow.  I enjoyed our conversation.  Post, lunch we proceeded to meet with Foguete (artistic name).

Foguete is a very colorful personality.  He is full of life, which is clearly visible from his big expressive eyes.  He has a deep understanding of Brazilian music and culture and he uses that to create his own music and musical instruments from all kinds of objects used every day.  He lives close to the Tijuca Forest, on the top floor of a house owned and occupied by a British family in Rio since 1940.  He believes that this place helps him concentrate on music better and when he practices new kinds of music, no one complains of the noise, which would be a problem in downtown.  I was again surprised that this entrepreneur too lives and works alone.


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