Favorite song?!

She: What’s your favorite song?

He: ‘Bass itna sa khwaab hai’ (All I want is everything)

She: Ooooh…that is like so you! Seriously! Like written for you, by you!

He: Yup…That song became, and has remained, my favorite from the first time I heard it. It is frivolous yet immensely motivating somehow. It’s just out there. It almost has a childlike innocence and understanding of how things ought to pan out for one.

She: May all your dreams come true; that you have everything that you would ever need and deserve!

He: Well…You are in the intersection of what I need and deserve…

She: Haha…But I still don’t know if I deserve you!!

He: You don’t. (long pause).

You deserve much better. You deserve what I’ll become. And become I will. Especially for you.

She: You are mad. I honestly got scared for a bit!

He: Haha. Yeah, I have that effect on people.


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