Facebook has changed the nature of birthdays

People across the world knew that it was his birthday and many responded to the alert by typing in small messages. Some posted pictures or quotes. Some wrote personal notes. Some joked. It was as if it was a day and night party.

By afternoon, more than 200 people had posted birthday messages for him. Several had inboxed him a wish. Then there were others on WhatsApp groups who sent wishes. The online world had made the birthday special.

And the calls…and his family…and his mother.

Sveta had sent a WhatsApp message. Inayat let him know she had posted a card for him.

He had dinner plans with his close friends. It is helpful to party at times. The abundance of sugar and attention blunts the recent pain. It gives an opportunity for the mind to relax.

The day after the birthday is always intense. You become ordinary suddenly. No one wishes. Facebook goes silent. The inbox, weary from yesterday’s messages, sits quiet.

In those moments, it helps to re-read some of the messages and smile to yourself.

And then routine takes over.

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