Everything is figure-out-able!

‘Why are you making such eccentric choices? I mean look at you. You have gone from this guy who was in a 7-year long relationship and a 5-year long job to this guy who has practically given up on stability. And don’t give me your bloody one-liners – “I’m an eternal romantic who constantly flirts with the audacity of his ambition.” Things don’t become sensible just because you can rationalize them in some wise-ass lines. You do realize, right, that what you are doing is impractical, especially from a long-term standpoint.’

As Keynes said, ‘in the long-term, we’re all dead.’ Haha. Look; I get why you’d be so concerned. If I were in your position, I’d probably feel the same. But here’s the thing. It may not be too obvious, but there is a method to my madness. May be everything will work out for the best or maybe everything will be a grand failure. It’s okay. Everything is figure-out-able. I want to afford myself the courtesy of exploring world outside my comfort zone. I wouldn’t know who I truly am, what can I truly be, and whom I can truly be with, unless I try. I realize that practicality eats love for breakfast, but it’s not morning yet! I intend to skip right to weekend brunch! By the way, it is another noteworthy phrase…

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