“So, how did your parents and friends take your decision to join the fellowship?” he asked his friend.

‘My parents are not completely convinced, but they have (kind of) given up on me now, I think. I keep on convincing friends, though. It feels like I need some validation; difficult to find.’

“I think it’s a lot to do with the fact that the fellowship gives an impression of being very elitist. Not many people are overcome by the social justice aspect it seeks to establish. Rather, they see it as a ’thing’ done by bunch of people with luxury of time and money, who can afford to take 2 years out of their most productive period.”

‘I love the way you put it. Have u done a full fledged research on parents and society as a whole?!?! Such brilliant answer, which is genuinely true!!!’

“My top leadership attribute is empathy. And I think modesty is a close second. I wouldn’t know. :-P”

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