Dating ugly people!

He: Hey, is your best friend finally marrying that guy?

She: Yes, she is. It just got finalized.

He: But why? Didn’t you say that those two weren’t compatible? That the guy looked like a grizzly bear!

She: Yes; but commitment is more important than compatibility.

He: Wow! That is profound. How’d you come up with that?

She: I always tell you; you grossly underestimate me.

He: Hmm…I may have my reasons. But let’s save that for another day. I think, however, that your friend is making a smart choice. I mean the guy is good. Seems like he comes from a decent family, is well educated, works in a reputed company, earns well, and has taken efforts in their ‘arranged’ dating period to make her feel special. What else do you need, right?!

She: This is where you go wrong again! You are still thinking about compatibility. Let me enlighten you! Above all, women seek loyalty. The fundamental point remains that the guy is ugly. And ugly guys don’t cheat. Even if they do, you move on easily; they were ugly anyways.

He: Hahahahahahahaha…that is so funny! **WAIT.A.MINUTE**


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