She: Why aren’t you into me these days?

He: You are so full of yourself! There’s no space left.

She: Did you just call me conceited!!?!!

He: Relax. I didn’t ask you to spell it out.

Off late, such was the nature of their conversation. It was hard to know why they had started to grow distant. Was it just a phase? Was it the next stage of their relationship? Whatever it was, something had to give. It was like – she didn’t make him love her anymore. His heart used to cringe every time she’d ask what she should wear for their meeting. ‘It’s not what you wear that attracts me toward you,’ he wanted to say; ‘It’s what you make me want to become when I am with you. Why have you given that up?’ He couldn’t say. He knew it would hurt her.

Can you love someone so much that you don’t share what you feel as it might be hurtful?


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