Complete, unwavering attention!

She: Do you know what I like most about you?

He: It’s got to be my incredible looks….or….my sense of humor! Did you see what I just did there?! Haha!

She: Yeah, right! I’m serious here, for a change! I just like the way you look at me sometimes. When you are not looking at your phone, of course! You sometimes give me this complete, unwavering attention – like nothing could be more interesting to you in the world than what I have to say at that moment. And then how you always complete my sentences. Like you understand my thoughts in ways even I don’t.

He: Wow! What an incredible statement! Let me tweet this real quick; it’s so blog worthy! Haha!

She: You’re such a jerk! Haha! Stop being so addicted to your phone, dude!

He: I am not. I am actually trying to distract myself from telling you how wonderful you are; and right now, I’m captive to your aura. You wouldn’t want me to freak you out, would you?!


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