She: So what do you look for in a girl?

He: You mean romantically or from a marriage standpoint?

She: ‘OR?!’

He: Haha…of course there is a difference! The only thing important for a romantic relationship is madness. You may even want to call it magic. Marriage is a different ballgame though. For marriage you have to assess your future partner on four compatibility criteria.

She: Of course, how can YOU not have neatly bulleted criteria!!!

He: I am sensing sarcasm here but I will go on since you asked the question earnestly. The four criteria in the ascending order of importance are:

  1. Social Compatibility – both should have the same or similar value system; it helps if the same social fabric binds the two.

  2. Physical Compatibility – well, let’s just say here that marriage photos should look good; but I am sure you get what I mean here!

  3. Financial Compatibility – both should have similar ideas about money (savings, expenses, investments, etc.); helps in avoiding a lot of unnecessary conflicts.

  4. Intellectual Compatibility – intellectual wavelength should match for both to have meaningful conversations with each other over a long term. A big part here is respect for the other person.

She: Hmmm…interesting…so are you saying that you may fall in love with someone for her ‘madness,’ but will put her through these criterion to decide whether to marry?!

He: No, I am not saying that. If I am truly, deeply, and madly in love with someone, then nothing else will matter. Commitment trumps compatibility. But, love is a four-letter word and practicality eats romance for breakfast!


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