Chichén Itzá

07.07.2007 was a date of great significance.   To him, at least.  That was the day when the list of seven new wonders of the world was released.  That was the day he decided that he would visit these wonders before turning 30.  However, he was 25 and had only been to Taj Mahal.  Well, that one was easy!

In January 2013, he decided to give his top bucket-list item a serious chance.  Stars aligned.  He got a chance to work with a NGO in Rio, and visit Christ the Redeemer statue.  He wanted to cover one more wonder before turning 26 in three months.  Happenstance, he was in Cancun – just hours away from the pre-Hispanic City of Chichén Itzá.

Chichén Itzá was the heart of Mayan culture.  The ruins were mesmerizing.  He was most fascinated by El Castillo – a glorious 365-step pyramid that demonstrates the accuracy and importance of Maya astronomy, architecture, and intelligence.  The Great Ball Court of ancient Mesoamerica also absorbed him, with its imposing walls and rings carved with intertwining serpents.  All built hundreds of years ago.  Marveling at the ruins of this ancient civilization he wondered how evanescent life is.


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