Excited and reflective, he reached the baggage-claim counter. Now, he would be guilty as charged for always spending more time than required at the baggage-claim conveyor belt. He would always be more interested in observing other peoples’ luggage than looking for his own. Not only for the style, but for an assessment about the content.

He would see a stroller and immediately start searching for a young couple with their infant child in the people gathered around the belt. He would see a skateboard, or a guitar, or a worn-out back-pack and his eyes would start locating a cool dude/dudette. He loved doing so. For him, that added a new dimension to the otherwise banal air travel; it rendered a mysticism to travellers’ purpose on board. It made planes and airports seem as much a part of our nature as trees or animals.

Like every time, he was one of the last few persons to fetch his bag. Time-check. He was getting late for his train. He rushed to check-out and toward the AeroExpress exit.

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