Carolina Harte Jóias (Jewelry) 1/2

Carolina is a one-woman entrepreneurship shop who handles everything from product design to sales herself.  She is a middle-age woman, a grandmother; living in her father’s house.  After her mother died, she had an agreement with her dad that she will live with him so that he doesn’t feel alone in his old age, and in return, she won’t have to pay any rent.  This allowed her to quit her job, not worry about major monthly bills, and focus on her passion of designing jewelry.  She designs wooden jewelry based on her day-to-day observations and African divinity.  She uses silver in her jewelry, but she outsources welding of silver.  She only speaks Portuguese so Paulo helps me with translation.

Carolina has monthly revenue of R$ 5,000, fixed cost of R$ 2,000, and raw material cost of 30% of the selling price.  “I sell less than I need to survive.”  She made a business plan to seek funding of R$ 50,000 to for hiring 3 product specialists, and to spend on marketing and new website design so that she can build an inventory of goods worth R$ 60,000.  However, she couldn’t obtain any funding.

Recently she got a breakthrough, but couldn’t capitalize on the opportunity.  She was invited to present her jewelry collection on a 1-week art exhibition on a popular TV network.  Afterwards, a couple of popular female TV actors were seen wearing her jewelry.  She received a lot of demand post this exposure, but her website (that she herself built) wasn’t optimized to handle the demand.


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