Okay, the following was part of a 45-minute creative writing assignment as part of the innovation theme of my MBA course. Needless to say, I am a movie buff.

Raj and Rahul – identical twins – were born into one of the richest and the most respected families of their community. They always got equal opportunities, in terms of going to the same school, having access to similar resources, and receiving analogous love and attention from parents. Both brothers loved each other too.

Raj was intelligent and hardworking, and always excelled in studies and in extra-curricular at school. He had a keen interest in chemicals and textiles, and did his majors in that field. As such, he was a natural choice to run his family’s garment business.

Rahul, on the other hand, was smart, but not as dedicated as his twin brother Raj. He could never get the top grades or do well in sports. On being constantly compared to Raj, he developed some resentment and hostility in his heart, and continuously distanced himself from the family. He decided to focus all his attention on carving out a niche for himself. He took to painting and was very good at it.

Rahul was in a relationship with Priya – an all-weather family friend. Rahul and Priya wanted to marry each other, but Priya wouldn’t go against her father’s wish. Priya’s father didn’t approve of Rahul. He thought that Raj was a more appropriate suitor for Priya. Priya’s father had spoken to Raj about marrying Priya, and Raj was interested as he liked Priya too. However, Raj wasn’t aware that Rahul and Priya were dating each other.

When Rahul got to know about Priya’s father proposal to Raj, he got very angry. He decided to kill Raj, fake the death as his own (Rahul’s), and then take Raj’s place in business and in Priya’s life. As things unfolded, Priya got to know about Rahul’s plan. She asked him not to do so and that she wouldn’t marry him anyways if he executed on his plan. But, Rahul was convinced about following through on his plan, irrespective of the consequences.

Priya met Raj and explained him the whole situation. As much as Raj liked Priya, he couldn’t have married her as Priya and Rahul liked each other. Raj would suppress his feelings for Priya for the love he had for his brother. Raj was willing to make the sacrifice, so much so that to save his brother from the crime, he committed suicide and left everything for his brother.


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