Break up

He wanted to break up with her. She had said something that hurt him. She had failed to support him at one of his life’s critical decisions. She was just being rational. He was indignant. Now, he wanted out. But he didn’t want to hurt her. He was a ‘nice’ person, you see!

It took him time to realize that the nicest thing he could do to her was to allow her to hate him. It took him time to realize that he had to be mature enough to let him be hated by her. That alone could liberate her. Going through the motions wasn’t going to cut it. So he broke up with her in, what one might argue, a brutal manner.

He was talking to a friend today. They happenstance discussed how she hasn’t called or messaged even once in the last many months. “Very unlike her; at least what I’d expect.” He felt weird. His heart probably had not yet gotten familiar to a life without her as she, quite possibly, was one of the finest people he’d known. He missed her terribly at that moment.


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