Brazilian Hospitality!

Saturday morning.  After his first Samba party the previous night, and an eventful travel to Rio, he was ready to ‘truly’ commence his trip.  First agenda item – visiting Christ-the-Redeemer statue. 

Now, Google maps can be very ineffective in Rio.  Much like in Delhi.  Everything isn’t too organized or too scheduled, to put it mildly.  He took directions for his journey and guidance on public transport from his host.  He was getting a ‘hang of it.’  He was surprised himself.  He had such poor direction sense generally, but somehow his sagacity was not only awakened, but also much enhanced here.

He had to make a stopover at his colleague’s house.  She had sent goodies for her mother.  He figured his way to her house. Her mother was a very interesting and vibrant lady.  Although she didn’t know English too well, she quickly opened Google translate and started conversing.  Later she got her daughter on Skype.  She expressed her love for dance and showed him all her favorite family pictures.  He was very impressed.  His belief that conversation can’t be incarcerated by language was validated.  He loved his brief stay at her house, where he was treated to Brazilian delicacies and music.  He was also invited to a Forro dance party in the evening, after his return from Cristo statue trip.  He so loved it.

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