Bentley MBA: A (transformative) Journey!

I had a well-paying and stable job, deep family ties, strong long-term relationship, and an influential network of friends and colleagues. I was very confident in my abilities to continue the same path and achieve the success that I had planned for myself. When choosing an MBA program, I was looking for options that complement my strength in finance.

Bentley happened to me serendipitously. I liked the program; but more than the course content, I was more excited about the opportunity to spend one-year studying in Boston on 100% scholarship, and traveling to Turkey and France for field trips. The 11-month timeframe was also good for me personally. I didn’t give much thought, though, to how the MBA program will be able to transform me.

Bentley broadened my perspective. It opened me to a whole new world of thinking and a way of doing and thinking about things. From understanding the stakeholder model to ladder of influence, from learning design thinking to learning the hardcore accounting analysis of case studies– it was a tremendous learning opportunity. Other than learning from the professors, I derived an equally significant learning from interacting with my peers and colleagues, both in the Bentley MBA community and broader Bentley graduate community.

I remember that one of the first projects I did as part of the program was an activity where we had an African lady, a Bulgarian women, a Turkish man, a North American guy, and an Indian, present their views on diversity. It was so transformational. I loved the experience. Post that, during the innovation theme, working on the messy problem of infant mortality, allowed me to look closely at a social issue that I was so aware, yet (as I figured during the course of the project) so ignorant about. The program helped me look at social issues and social aspects of business more deeply and develop my thinking. Although the program helped me view and understand multiple aspects of every situation, it fell short of giving me tools to implement my newly learned thinking. That said, I am confident that I will get the real value of the program learning as time passes


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