Before Sunrise. Before Sunset. Before Midnight.

Just like a little girl who got her first Barbie, he couldn’t stop talking to anyone who’d listen to him about the movie series. He was quoting dialogues, sharing perspectives, and much more. That led him to a lot of fascinating conversations with a lot of his friends.

It’s not perfect, but it’s real. ‘Hey. You got BUSTED!’

I never claimed it was mine.”

‘True. But, you know what, I thought it was. It’s kind of your way of thinking. As it seems to me at least.’

“Hmmm… How’d you like the movie though?”

‘I love it…especially the idea of being a couple but having your own space… be individual and everything.’

Yes. That’s the best part”

‘Do you really think so or is it sarcasm?’

“Here’s the thing – the idea that there is this one true love is all good but it’s not practical. You have a connection, and that’s it. Enjoy it till it lasts, but eventually it is about career and friends.”

‘But didn’t you say you are a dreamer?’

“Yes. And I am a dreamer from a standpoint that I will find someone who I’ll connect with. But then, I don’t expect the magic to last forever. The person will become my best friend; in fact, we will for each other. Support each other in our careers. So, I am a dreamer because I think that I will find this life, which is full of mysticism in the beginning, but later practicality. A cynic view could be a lot worse, you know!”

‘Yeah…like me, who may be will die alone in Australia.’

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