Ateliê Cretismo (Fashion Clothes) 1/3

After meeting with Nil in the morning, I proceeded to meet with another entrepreneur that Afro-Brazilian Incubator supports – Atelie.  When I was going to meet with Atelie, Paulo cautioned me to keep her on my questions as she is very animated and loves to talk.    Paulo hadn’t spoken truer words before.

Atelie is very animated and has opinion on everything.  She works in a 2-storey home office, designing, making, and selling fashion clothes.  Her office was a mess – a very busy desk with various papers with her designs and business calculations, pens and drawing tools everywhere, magazines, her food, water, laptop – everything was lying there with no organization.  The moment I looked at her desk, I knew something bad will happen and there it was: as she was looking to pull out a design she recently created, she accidently hit the glass and all the water spilled on her laptop.  However, she didn’t panic at all.  She just wiped the water and continued to talk, as if she was used to such incidents.  I will probably never understand the ways of these creative people.

Although Atelie too could only speak Portuguese, but through her elaborate hand movements, I was able to understand what she was saying and didn’t need Paulo to translate much.  As we were talking, her accountant walked in and they spoke for about 20 minutes about billing certain raw materials for business expenses.  After the accountant left, Atelie said that the accountant was her friend and how an entrepreneur should never work with friends in an employer-employee relationship.  She spoke a lot but didn’t say something substantial, except for some gems.  You had to be patient with her.  Paulo wasn’t able to follow her completely and I am not sure if he translated everything.


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