Arrival gates – happiest places on earth

Waiting at the airport for his hotel shuttle on his first day in Boston, he observed people at the arrival gate. Arrival gates are probably the happiest places on earth. There is so much joy, so much love all around. One couple, especially, caught his attention. There was this guy who had come to Boston and his girlfriend had come to pick him up. The girl was so happy to see him. She hugged him so tight and they both kept kissing each other for a long time. They would stop intermittently, look at each other, smile, say a few things, and then kiss again. It was so beautiful and romantic.

He missed her at that moment. He thought that this is how ‘they’ would react when ‘they’ would meet. The distance will make ‘their’ love stronger. The year away from each other will add a lot of depth and dimensions to ‘their’ relationship. It will breed trust, understanding, respect, and most importantly, more love for each other. The physical distance between ‘them’ will be negated by the increase in the deepness of ‘their’ hearts. It is funny how little did he know!

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