He seemed politically aware to others. How could he not; he was ghostwriting for a couple of politicians. However, he didn’t quite subscribe to any political ideology. His friends were confused. He could as strongly defend a position as he could argue against it with different people at different times. He loved playing devil’s advocate.

Things really got interesting during the recent national elections and Delhi state elections. Both those occasions saw polarization of views like no other time in recent past. He enjoyed such times as he got to pressure-test not only his views, but also the general (limited, in most part) understanding of the overall political scenario. One of his friends – fed-up with his changing stance on the same ‘ideological issue’ every time – asked him to highlight the political philosophy he subscribes.

“I’m as apolitical as it gets. No affinity toward any political party or politician. Just an appreciation for views expressed by all sides and a curiosity about how those perspectives evolve. I inherently believe that no one ideology can define the complexity of our future.”


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