Alina – A perfectionist in crumpled pants!

Happenstance you meet someone so interesting that they have the power to transform your belief in the inherent goodness in people. And to you that person is beautiful. Not only in the way she/he looks or talks. Not only conventionally. But in just how and what she/he is. Beautiful all through. He felt blessed to meet one such charming person in his recent trip to Russia.

She, at first sight, looked unadorned, unassertive, and unremarkable even. But as he started talking to her, getting to know her better, he became increasingly captivated by her perspectives and ambition. She spoke about traveling the world, seeking new and varied thoughts and experiences; and be a person who doesn’t miss anything in life. At the same time, she valued simple pleasures such as having some pizza and cola while watching HIMYM alternative finale over going for a fancy dinner. He had found a friend.

He couldn’t help but notice the pained vivacity of her eyes when it was time for him to go. ‘I am too sensitive to these things. My adventure gets tarnished with saying goodbye. But I learn it is for the better,’ she said. “There are no goodbyes; only promises to meet again,” he responded and invited her to his country.


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