A Template of a Life

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who believe that there are more than two kinds of people, and those who don’t.

It is not tongue-in-cheek I promise.

First group believes that there is no ideal way to lead a life and all kinds could be right. Second group is convinced that only the one kind they’ve identified is right and ideal.

We all know people from the latter group. They are your friends who usually have a solid grasp on how you should lead your life. And they can never be too embarrassed to share their opinion.

They are the ones who live their life on a set template. They’ve figured the societal rules and cultural norms. Complete post-graduation by 23. Marry by 25. Have first kid by 27. Second kid by 30. Go to Thailand at 36 for a ‘business trip.’ By 45 dance awkwardly at first kid’s 18th birthday party trying to fit-in, but get admonished in return only to realize this whole life was a scam; yet perpetuate the same lifecycle for their kids because…well…tunnel vision. Yes, those people.

Such people could be onto something though. They do well in life. Predictability compounds. But you don’t have to necessarily follow their set template. The fact that they do everything ‘right’ doesn’t make them right. The more certain one is, the less one learns.   Be uncertain.  Grow.  Find ‘your’ right way.  You could be from the former group.


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